Benefits of Amla Tea Natural Immunity Booster

Boosting the Immune System with Amla | How is Consumption of Amla Beneficial to Health?


“The Indian Gooseberry” 

‘An Incredible Superfruit, which is a Storehouse of Vitamin C & various other Vitamins & Nutrients’!

AMLA, also known as the Divya Amrit, is one of the Most Precious Herb bestowed upon us, Humans, by Mother Nature. This vibrant green coloured fruit has tons of health benefits packed in it due to its nutritional value. Amla which is considered to be sacred in India & famous for its healing properties, helps in treating Countless Ailments. The imbalance of the three doshas in our body, namely, Vata, Pitta & Kapha, are likely to be the root cause for many diseases. It is generally claimed by Ayurveda that Amla can balance these three Doshas. It is basically consumed in the form of Powder, Pickle, Juice, Chawanprash & so on. It is also consumed in the form of Tea especially, which ensures the intake of Vitamin C on a daily basis, which is Vital for boosting the Immune System.

How is Consumption of Amla Beneficial to Health?

  1. Anti-inflammatory Properties:Basically, Free Radicals which lead to inflammation, lay the foundation to most of the health problems, which include heart problems, skin problems, immunity based problems & much more. Amla, the Indian Gooseberry, being one of the most imperative herbs possessing Anti-inflammatory properties, generally aids in scaling down the inflammation in the body by counteracting with the free radicals.

2. Essential herb for Skin care: When we talk about skin care ingredients which lead to glowing & radiant skin, we can regard Amla as one of the best natural super-fruits, which possesses properties that can cater to the enhancement of flawless & radiant skin. Amla is said to be an incredible powerhouse of Vitamin C, which is vital to cure skin conditions such as acne, scars, blemishes & hyper-pigmentation, as it is loaded with up to 20 times the proportion of Vitamin C compared to an orange. Being a potent source of Vitamin C & Antioxidants, Amla helps in rejuvenating the skin along with protecting it from the harmful effects of pollution.

3. Promotes healthy Hair Growth: When it comes to promoting the hair health by strengthening the hair roots, amla turns out to be one of the best herbs, as it comprises of phyto-nutrients, vitamins & minerals which increase the blood circulation in the scalp, thus promoting hair growth. The Vitamin C in Amla boosts the collagen production which adds to the growth of hair, both in terms of length & volume. It is also beneficial in terms of preventing dandruff & premature graying of hair.

4. Good for Diabetes, as it regulates the Blood Sugar Levels: Diabetes which is posed to be a major health problem on global basis today, results in spike of blood sugar levels. Regulation of the Carbohydrate metabolism is generally said to make the body highly responsive to Insulin, thus controlling the blood sugar levels in the body. This can be done by Amla, as it comprises of a mineral named chromium, which regulates the carbohydrate metabolism, showing a positive effect on the Pancreas functionality. Apart from this, its antioxidants helps in reducing the oxidative stress, which is regarded to be the underlying cause of conditions like diabetes, as they overturn the damaging effects of oxidation, thus helping in dealing with diabetes.

5. Enhances eyesight: Amla is quite useful in improving eyesight and helps in combating problems such as itching, reddening & watering of eyes. The presence of carotene in Amla, aids in improving eyesight. As Amla possesses properties which counteract with free radicals which are one of the sources of cataract, thus helps in preventing cataract and also aids in turning down the pressure on eyes & makes the eye muscles stronger & healthier.

6. Good for Digestive System: Amla is alkaline in nature which basically balances Stomach Acids & promotes Digestive health & does not heat the body. Its high fiber content aids body in regulating bowel movements, thus helps in dealing with constipation. The Vitamin C proportion posed by Amla, enhances the the body’s ability to absorb other nutrients & corroborates body’s metabolism.

7. Helps in weight management: Dealing with obesity happens to be one of the major concerns of today. Amla turns out to be a  miracle herb which aids in dealing with it. Amla’s high fibre content is effective in shedding down unwanted fat from the body along with keeping one full for a longer time, thus preventing overeating. As it boosts the body’s metabolism, it helps burning more calories, thus improving fat burning process. It is also very effective in turning down bad cholesterol levels.

8. Boosting Immune System: When it comes to immunizing body against various foreign agents that lead to health problems, Amla loaded with micro-nutrients & antioxidants, strengthens the immune system. Being a great source of Vitamin C, it boosts the production of white blood cells which help in fighting several infections. Apart from this, the iron, calcium & several other minerals present in Amla, makes it a fruit packed with loads of nutrition that enhances Immunity.

                   With so many benefits in the basket, Incorporating this Super-fruit in your daily diet, may lead to Overall Health Enhancement. Consumption of Amla in moderate amounts on regular basis, can help making the most of this Incredible Herb.